A State of the Art Storage Facility to Safeguard Your Wine

Dedicated wine storage facility purpose-built to ensure the preservation and protection of your wines throughout the duration of your loan. With a focus on maintaining optimal temperature and humidity conditions, we provide a trusted and reliable environment that upholds the quality and integrity of your collection.
Jera Wine Shipping

On-Site Inspection

Upon arrival at our warehouse facilities, our trained staff conduct a thorough inspection of your wines. This meticulous process guarantees the integrity of each bottle is preserved and documented.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Our selected storage facility is purpose-built for fine wine, maintaining ideal conditions with temperature control at 12°C and 65% RH. This modern facility is a secure site, equipped with 24-hour surveillance, ensuring the utmost safety of your wine throughout the loan period.

Fully Insured

All wines stored at our facility are comprehensively insured at their market value. This coverage includes protection against loss and damages, offering you peace of mind that your collateral is safeguarded.

How It Works: Our Streamlined Shipping

Step 1: Estimate and Planning

We provide an estimated shipping cost based on the volume and location of your wine. Note: All prices are indicative, subject to change, and contingent upon the terms and conditions of our service agreements.

Step 2: Prepayment of Shipping Costs

Clients cover the round-trip shipping costs upfront. These costs are then conveniently added to the total loan amount, streamlining the financial process.

Step 3: Scheduled Pick-Up

Clients have the option to deliver their wine directly to our warehouse or opt for our pick-up service. In the case of pick-up, we collaborate with our logistics partners to arrange a convenient and secure transport of your wine to our facility.

Step 4: Warehouse Arrival and Inspection

Upon arrival, each wine shipment undergoes a comprehensive inspection by our experts to confirm its condition and authenticity.

Step 5: Storage During Loan Period

Following loan approval, your wine is stored in our specialised facilities at market-competitive rates, ensuring optimal conditions for preservation.

Step 6: Return Logistics

At the conclusion of the loan period, we arrange the logistics for the safe return of your wine, completing the cycle with the same care and professionalism.