A White Glove Shipping Service to Safeguard Your Wine

To maintain the quality of your wines during transportation to our warehouse, we offer a premium shipping service. Meticulous attention to detail has been paid to ensure your wines are kept at optimal temperatures and protected from other types of shocks.
Jera Wine Shipping

Temperature Monitoring

Clients are provided with a data logger device so that wine temperatures can be monitored and recorded through the shipping process

Specialized Shipping Boxes

We provide you with sturdy custom doubled-walled wine-shipping containers that shelter bottles during transportation

On-Site Inspection

On arrival at our warehouse facilities, trained staff will inspect your wines

How it Works

Step 1

Jera estimated shipping costs based on the volume and location of the wine. All prices are indicative only, subject to change, subject to contract and to the terms and conditions for the supply of services and the terms and conditions of the financial services.

Step 2

Client pays up-front for round-trip shipping costs of the wine from their location to our warehouse. This shipping cost is then added to the loan total.

Step 3

We send you packing materials and detailed instructions on how to pack your wine

Step 4

Once wine is packed, schedule a pick-up from our shipping partners to the warehouse

Step 5

On arrival at the warehouse, the wine is inspected by our staff

Step 6

Upon loan approval, your wine is stored in our facilities at market rates

Step 7

Logistics are arranged to return your wine at end of loan period

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