Understanding the Journey of Leveraging Your Fine Wine Collection

At Jera Wine, we have streamlined the process of using your fine wine collection as collateral for a loan.
How It Works?
Our approach is designed to be clear, efficient, and respectful of the value of your investments.
Step 1
Have Your Wine Valued
Our proprietary engine provides detailed valuation and price forecasts for fine wines. This process is underpinned by the latest market data, ensuring that the valuation reflects the current market trends and liquidity levels. It's a fast, efficient, and accurate way to understand the financial potential of your wine collection.
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Step 2
Transfer Wines to Our Warehouse Partners
Our premium white glove shipping service ensures the safety of your wine during transportation. We work with reputable logistics partners who specialise in the handling and movement of fine wines, guaranteeing that your collection is transported under optimal conditions and with the utmost care from cellar to storage facility.
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Step 3
Leverage Your Wine Collection
After a successful valuation, we offer a loan secured by your wine. The amount available to borrow is based on the valuation, with competitive rates and flexible terms designed to suit your financial objectives. This step finalises the transition from valuation to capital, enabling you to access the funds you need with your wine collection as collateral
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Ready to Begin?
If you're ready to unlock the financial potential of your wine collection, start your journey with Jera Wine today. Our team is committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.