The Jera Wine Loan

Jera offers attractive loan terms backed by fine wine. We view wine as a tangible asset that, as long as stored properly, increases in value as it matures to reach peak drinkability and also becomes scarcer to procure.
Our Loans


Personal finance loans with fixed terms and interest rates (min 1 year, max 5 years)


Wines can be requested to be sold during the loan period, where all proceeds are used to pay down the principal balance of the loan


Minimum loan amount is £60,260 and the maximum amount is capped at £250,000*


Borrower can repay the loan at any time during the period

Interest rates

Interest rates between 8-12%, with up to an 70% loan to value

*Larger loans are possible but with a few exceptions. Please inquire for further details.


Valuation of wine is through Jera's own proprietary wine engine. In the case that we don't have data on your specific wine to make an online valuation, we will consult partnered wine experts.

Storage of Wine

Wine is stored in Jera's own climate-controlled wine-specific warehousing facilities, or with a partner that meets or exceeds Jera storage standards throughout the duration of the loan.

Credit Assessment

We send you shipping boxes, a temperature tracker, and detailed instructions on how to pack your wine.

Terms and Interest

Once the wine is packed, schedule a pick-up from our shipping partners to the warehouse.

Repayment and Sale

At the end of the loan period, if the borrower is unable to pay back the full amount, Jera will auction off stored wine. If this amount exceeds the value of the loan, the remainder will be passed to the borrower.

Contact Us

Want to know more about our wine valuation and lending? Please leave a message and our team will swiftly get back to you.

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