More reasons to buy Bordeaux En Primeur

En Primeur wines offer a unique investment opportunity for wine collectors.
There are a number of challenges collectors face when purchasing En Primeur wines.
  • Time gap between ordering the wine and receiving the bottled stock. For Bordeaux this is generally a 2-year gap, and to secure the wine the collector must pay up-front.
  • During this time some merchants will not allow the stock to be traded in the normal way as bottled stock is required to be able to trade on some broking platforms.
  • Once the wine is delivered to your bonded warehouse it is likely that it may take several more years to mature and during this time your wine can be illiquid.
Bordeaux vs. Stock Market
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* The performance is shown for comparison purposes only.
Collectors continue to buy Bordeaux En Primeur as historically it has performed very well as an asset, and the wines are wonderful for drinking.
* You must be over 18 years of age to purchase alcohol. Please drink responsibly.
Introducing Bordeaux En Primeur Loan
Purchase Bordeaux through our trusted merchant partner
Use the En Primeur as collateral to borrow from Jera and refinance your purchases
Enjoy the services that Jera provides:
  • Immediate recycling of capital
    • Borrow up to 70% of the value of your En Primeur purchase
    • Fixed interest rate for a 2-year loan to provide certainty
  • Traded during the loan period
    • Trading of En Primeur is allowed, and you can use the proceeds to pay down your loan
  • No additional storage and handling fees
  • Loan processing fee
    • 2% of loan amount is required to ensure proper handling of purchase agreements
When your wine is delivered to your bonded warehouse Jera can provide a loan against the bottled stock to replace the En Primeur loan.
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