Uncork Liquidity From Your Fine Wine Collection

Jera wine financing helps collectors to generate liquidity from their fine wines. This can be used to expand their collection or pursue other financial goals, with the option to also sell the wine during the loan period.

A More Scalable Way of Growing Your Wine Collection

Fine wines often need 5 years or sometimes many more to reach peak drinkability. Rather than holding them in storage, why not use your wine as collateral for financing to invest in expanding your collection?

Industry Leading Expert Handling and Storage

For provenance and ease of sale, storage is critical for wine collecting. If you opt to use your wine as collateral with Jera, we will hold it in our partner's advanced climate-controlled storage facilities.

Prefer to Sell Your Wine Instead of Having it Returned?

Finding buyers for your wine can be tricky and time-consuming, not to mention ensuring you get the optimal price. Jera utilizes its network of buyers and partners to help you get the best price for your wine.


Use 2015 Domain Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru (12 bottle case) as an example

2020 Purchase Price


If you bought in 2017
TranditionallyWith Jera
Purchase price in 2017(£84,000)(£84,000)
3 years storage(£36)(£36)
Jera loan amountWithout Jera loan£58,800
Annual interest(£4704)
Loan processing fees *(£1176)
Cash on hand in 2016-£57624
Potential Gains in 2020£24000£25150

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