Instant Liquidity to Expand Wine Lists and Meet Consumers Demands

We help restaurant owners and wine professionals use wine as collateral to secure future vintages and expand ready to drink programs

Capital for Ready to Drink Programs

Restaurateurs can borrow against unmatured wines to free up capital for ready to drink wines, and then later sell the matured wines for a higher margin

Profit from Investing in Immature Wines

Acquiring mature wines is expensive and often incurs hefty broker fees. Jera gives you liquidity to lower acquisition costs by buying wines early, while still having capital for ready-to-drink wines. These savings can translate to higher margins or more enticing pricing for customers.

Build a Winning Wine List

Restaurant-goers worldwide are increasingly savvy with their wine knowledge and appreciation. Please customers and lure new clientele by using Jera financing to build a wine list that stands out.


Use 2014 Sassicaia (12 bottle case) as example

2020 Purchase Price


Restaurant Retail Price


Restaurant Profit


If you bought in 2016
TranditionallyWith Jera
Purchase price in 2016(£1500)(£1500)
3 years storage(£36)(£36)
Jera loan amountWithout Jera loan£1200
3 years interest(£360)
Loan processing fees *(£48)
Cash balance in 2016-£792
Earning from 2014 Sassicaia in 2021£4640£5432

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