Instant Liquidity for Wine List Expansion

We assist restaurant owners and wine businesses in using their wine collections as collateral. This approach provides immediate liquidity, enabling the expansion of wine lists, securing of future vintages, and growth in stock pool value.

Capital for Ready to Drink Programs

Our lending solutions allow restaurateurs to leverage unmatured wines to generate capital. This capital can be used for expanding ready-to-drink wine selections, with the potential to sell matured wines later at a higher margin.

Build a Winning Wine List

Wine merchants can utilise loans against their inventory to improve cash flow, widen their acquisition scope, and increase stock turnover. This financial strategy supports business growth and the development of an exceptional wine list.

Investing in Immature Wines for Greater Profit

Investing in mature wines can be costly, often involving significant broker fees. Our lending services provide the liquidity needed to purchase wines early at lower costs, maintaining capital for daily operations. This approach can lead to greater profit margins and more competitive pricing for your customers.


Use 2014 Sassicaia (12 bottle case) as example

2020 Purchase Price


Restaurant Retail Price


Restaurant Profit


If you bought in 2016
Traditional Pre-purchaseWith Jera
Purchase Price in 2016(£1,500)(£1,500)
3 years storage(£36)(£36)
Jera loan proceedsWithout Jera loan£1,200
3 years interest(£360)
Loan processing fees *(£48)
Purchase Price in 2020--
Net Cash Used(£1,536)(£744)
Proceeds From Restaurant Retail Sales in 2020£6,200£6,200
Gross Profit£4,664£5,456
Cash on cash % profit304%733%

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